Monday, August 6, 2012

Mutual Benefits of an Affair

15 years of marriage with a wonderful daughter seemed like a perfect family portrait. Husband’s a physician and she has her own business to sustain a lavish lifestyle. It is not her first but had a previous for two years. This time a love affair that has gone to the next level. The other guy is also married.  Something she thought would be less of a conflict for both. Besides, it’s clear that what they have is just that and nothing else. They were able to keep it that long and still going strong. They both commit to enjoy each other’s company, beneath their married life.
When asked if she would rather have an affair with a single guy, she said no. She’d settle for someone who has a hang up. Expectations of leaving their own family in the long run would be out of question.
The thrill and great sex one gets from an affair is why they started it.  But really, what keeps them holding on is the affection, commitment and love they share. Despite all complications there is. It’s a matter of perspective to weigh things out. Worthy or not, they indulge. At the end, you know you’re in it because you found something you can’t find from someone else.
-          The mutual benefits of an affair.

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