Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Nerve

Feeling a little cranky after work out, I decided to go for a trip down the steam room. Alone and had the luxury of time, I relaxed and meditated to ease my nerves.

It was not too long when a guy came in wearing his undies. He stares to give signal that he’s checking me out.

I didn’t bite. I closed my eyes and ignored him. Doing my best not to look in his direction, he insisted. He sits beside me rubbing his, you know, and constantly clearing his throat for attention. Damn he was horny.

Feeling a little pissed, I went out and discontinued my relaxation.

Though disgusted, I admire his courage and self confidence. I find it funny that he has the nerve to do it. Despite the clear signal that our intentions were different when we went there, he still pushed it. 


  1. persistent, eh.
    btw, did you make the art in this entry?

  2. hey,

    fitness first ba to?


  3. @Justin: yes I did po.
    @Anonymous: Yes it is FF. cnu to?


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