Monday, July 30, 2012

Sparkle is Blinding

A certain official puts up a good show. The dogs come and follow. They play safe and pretend to do it for a good cause. They brag and act as if they were too clean to be judged. They confidently make noise how good they are. Barking loud for attention. Accommodating and friendly, they’d easily be adored by many. You admire them because of their goodness. Until you realize you missed to see the cover up. Dirty little secrets come out and disgust you. Something that could ruin the lives of many if revealed.

Corruption is depressing if not disgusting. It is quite amazing and disappointing at the same time. People close to you do things that are way over what you think they were. It is a major turn off to see how they get blinded by the sparkle of gold.

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