Saturday, July 21, 2012

Having My Own Voice

I’d like to consider myself as the type who quietly works and prove my worth. But as time flies, observations done and realizations occurred. I realized that working your ass out quietly to prove your value is nothing. Fearing to be criticized by all the bright minds around is what I’ve had ever since.

Afraid of rejection maybe?

Crazy ideas float around my head unuttered. Egocentric individuals contradicting every thought I express upset me. Being labelled “epal” or “pabibo” brings negative impression so I’d rather stay quiet. Letting the smart people, as they claimed, blab and brag until their mouth bleeds.

I’ve had it and finally shook myself from intimidation.

The importance of having my own voice is what I’m learning recently. Slowly, I try to speak a little louder and braver. So people can hear and respect what I can bring in the table.  

The value of my thoughts is nothing unless expressed right. Never mind the “smart and loud” people around who criticize for the heck of it. Focusing on the essentials to be more productive is what I’m aiming. Putting a hundred percent in everything I do.

So the next time someone says I’m “epal” or “pabibo” I’d rather take it as a compliment. Because bitch, I have my ideas and you better listen.

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