Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Freak Encounter

A freak encounter.
Across the other table, a guy was all too noisy bragging about almost everything and trying to look oh so cool to intimidate or impress the other guests, ruined the night. They were guests from the current workplace of Summer when we attended her birthday party. It was not too long when the guy came to our table and asked us to strike a pose in a photo with him. Of course, being the bitch that I am, I covered my face when the photo was taken. So me and friends were doing our best to mind our own business when a girl from the same group approached us and asked to take another photo, "I wanna have an exotic photo so can you guys pose for me on my camera" I was pissed. And again, this time giving them a shot to remember, some exotic gay guys with one putting up a dirty finger for them to see. Silence came as they realized what I did. I mean really? The girl had the nerve to insult us with her exotic term when the only exotic looking bitch in that room is her. I'm just say'n. I had fun though, whatchugondo!

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