Sunday, June 3, 2012


I had to pee after some shots of Mindoro sling. It was crowded and the line at the rest room was endless. Remembering a rest room nearby had me passed the line to find it. After some time walking nowhere, while people around are slowly thinning, realized I've gone too far. When I saw that no one is around on a dark eskinita I went in to, I decided to do my thing in front of a cottage door. It was so unbecoming of me, but what can a lost drunk fully loaded guy do? After the last drop, it was total darkness. A blackout brought partying gay guys scream with joy and excitement. I felt fear. Not knowing where I’m at in a dark island full of strangers, I did my best to find my way out. As I approached back to the crowd, a hand pulled me and asked to come home. It was my partner and friends. So we walked back to our cottage and I was still so drunk. Knocking every door I passed through on my way, saying hello to all the strangers and asking their names while friends would try to calm me down and apologize for my behaviour. I'd simply utter, "I’m drunk, I’m just say'n, now whatchogondo?!" it was such an experience.


  1. I really felt how carefree you were. Ang saya no? Those moments are precious. =)


  2. I havent seen that side of you, drunk and carefree, hahaha! That I have to see wheh Im back, gimik at inum tau to the max nina vic and the rest, tumbahan! -the bohemian


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