Saturday, May 5, 2012

Writing Complexities

My childhood play would usually be with a pen and paper drawing or writing non sense things; rather than playing toys or with other children. I’d plan my dream house, a comic strip, biography, or anything that involves pen and paper. It was my addiction, paper fascination. My Mama Becca would usually bring me to National Bookstore and buy me new notebooks and pens rather than a toy. At that early, I never realized what I really wanted in life. I thought it was just a hobby of mine, and it was instilled that the only way to be wealthy is if you become a doctor, lawyer or go abroad. Writing is so complex for me. Years after, being exposed to many things; only lately that I realized what I really wanted, to be a writer. The complexities of it is what makes it beautiful, you could express and compose in many different ways playing around your little ideas that could somehow, some way benefit others. 


  1. you became a writer professionally or a doctor or now an OFW? :-)

  2. i got to have a writing stint in a magazine, i guess that counts?hehehehe. dont wanna be a doctor and not an OFW

  3. I almost considered becoming a writer---but I realized it can never be more than a hobby. Go embrace your passion. :)

  4. good for you.

    when I was a child, I never really thought writing would be my passion coz I've been one of those many children who was so fascinated by toys and the outside world.

    but growing up, whenever I find myself alone, writing has become my best friend and so I learned to love doing it that turned out to be something I want to do forever.

  5. Same childhood man. But my difference from you is that I did not pursue a degree related to writing. Who knows? maybe in the future I can still have a writing stint though my soon-to-be-profession is far from it. :)


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