Thursday, May 3, 2012


When I heard about twitter way back in ‘07 I immediately created an account for one particular reason, to tweet Mariah! LOL. Call it gay pathetic fanatic as it is, but it is. So I was frantic to convince my friends that it’s a great site, no one listened. Later on, my first account died and I became more focused on other social networking hoopla than twitter. Little did I know, that in only some few years, it will be as big as it is now. And much as I want to gain more followers and tweet as I could, I just couldn’t. Micro blogging in twitter could only mean words that are impulsively written for everyone to see, potentially causing hurt and conflicts or issues among fellow tweetizens. So I leave it to them friends who are fond of twitting every second of activities and thoughts in their lives. I'd stick to retweeting and lurking around the twitter community instead; and focus more on other sites than it. Not that I have anything against it, I just don’t want to broadcast my every move and thought for the world to see, a little would be fine, but flooding non sense is too much for me. I'm just say'n; whatchu gon’ do!?

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