Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ex to Friends

Is it really possible, if it’s too hurtful after breakup, to be friends with your ex? Would it be beneficial, is it just pretence or plain and simple hypocrisy? I’ve always believed it takes time to heal, unless there was never really love, to be instantaneously friends with your ex. Especially if the break up was intense, being friends immediately after turmoil (I think) is either hypocritical or backed up with an intention to be lovers again. Either way, the common ground is its intention. Whatever it is, just don’t bother putting up a show, say what you really want and be honest to yourself. Stop the drama, don’t glaze it coz being showbiz is for entertainment only; so don’t imbibe it. I guess being friends with your ex depends on the pain level; and who am I or anyone to say how painful it is huh? I’m just say’n. Now... Whatchugondo?

1 comment:

  1. the can be, its just a matter of time and accepting what cannot be, cannot be! thebohemian =)


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