Thursday, April 26, 2012


In college I fell in love with my Psychology subject and got obsessed reading the whole book to study more about people’s behaviour. It was when I learned about the important concept of Johari’s Window. A technique used to understand people’s mental instability and describe their personality. The window consists of 4 panels: 1 is the part of ourselves we and others see; 2 others see that we are unaware of; 3 the unconscious part of ourselves that neither we or others can see; 4 is the private pane that only us knows and we keep it from others. Since pane 3 is the most confusing and mysterious of them, I refuse to discover more of it yet. I am, particularly wanting to talk about pane 2, however.

Times we go through dilemma, especially in love, our friends are there to comfort; I am not that type. They call me a bitch, usually, for I don’t say what you wanna hear; instead tell what you need to do. Its tough love I give, hoping that some day you would realize I helped you by the big bitch slap I gave. One thing I usually get disappointed with are friends who obviously fish for attention and sympathy and yet unready to receive it. At the end, they’ll just do what they wanna do and believe that by closing their doors to the possibility that maybe the friends are right is what’s best for them. One should never take a friends advice as something against them, as if attacking them of some sort. It’s not as if friends are ganging up on you when they give you realistic advices and realistic comforting. If you don’t want constructive criticism and opinion from your caring friends, shut your mouth from blabbing and continue living in hypocrisy.


  1. true.

    some friends are not ready for the truth. they just want you to comfort them.

    iba iba tao. magulo minsan haha

    nice dp by the way :-)

  2. Friends who obviously fish for attention and sympathy and yet unready to receive it---I only have a few who are the exact opposite. Love them.


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