Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Great Loves

I was watching a late night TV show discussing love and the dangers of it when one said something that caught my attention saying that in anyone's lifetime there will always be this one great love. While the other added: also, one great forbidden love - everybody in the table laughed. It made me ask if I found both - and I think I have! The roller coaster ride of juggling both have been a different story. Whether its now or future, who cares if that is your great love, forbidden or not. What's important, I think, is you live and enjoy it by every moment it brings you happiness and joy. As they say, love like you've never loved before and don't fuckin regret it! LOL (the last part was mine though)


  1. I think one can truly assess one's great love and one's forbidden love at one's deathbed. At that time, one is sure that there will be no more loves in the future, since there will be no future.

    Otherwise, when you're still this young, don't discount the possibility that someone MAY come along and just overturn everyone who has come before. When you're young, Life still holds so many possibilities for you. Be open to them. =)

  2. My greatest love is the forbidden one... The one I have now. well, forbidden is relative naman....

  3. @joel mcvie:i agree... i dont discount the possibility that someone may still come along and be greater than my great loves.
    @ronronturon: forbidden love is exciting which usually is a great factor why it becomes so great


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