Saturday, April 28, 2012

Going Local

My normal weekend would consist of going to a nearby gym and doing the grocery after. Since then, I have learned to enjoy my once a week time alone. It's when I take pleasure in strolling around the mall and window shopping. Whenever I do such, it became a requisite to drop by the bookstore and check out the latest books there is. I have this fascination with books, its look, the smell, and the brief description of its content at the back. Makes me want to buy them all. From all the international authors available and the contemporary way of presentation, I got bored. I much enjoy checking local authors eager to see what they can offer. The feel of each story you can definitely relate. So yeah, now that I’m slowly obsessing with it, I do my best to limit myself and only read books from the brilliant Filipino authors there is. Talk about supporting our own while enriching my literary knowledge.


  1. I should try and explore Filipino works more. :)

  2. I also love going to the mall, stroll and buy books. I hunt for local authors as well. Cheers for the love of reading! =)


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