Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baguio Part 1

Waiting at Victory Liner Terminal for supposedly a 1 AM trip was aggravating! We tried reserving tickets so we can be there in time for the street dancing Saturday morning. We didn't make it, after almost being caught to a stampede/rally at the terminal, we were able to finally take the comfort of a bus seat around 4:30AM

We arrived at the hotel near the grotto and I decided to take my time alone roaming around the area; while everyone else is busy settling down and freshening up. It was nostalgic, really, to see the old family house where we used to stay in every Christmas; which is, still as it is bringing back childhood memory in me.


  1. pag dumarating ako sa baguio una ko hinahanap yang strawberry taho :)

  2. So what happened to the old family house? How come you don't go there any more?

  3. I love your blog and pictures!


  4. @seth: sarap pala nuh! it was my first time!
    @joelmcvie: the house was sold to someone years ago... :(
    @lasher: thank you!!!


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