Friday, March 16, 2012


If you’re a closeted guy, would you hang a painting of a nude man on your wall?

So I mentioned in a previous post about this corporate guy who asked me to do a painting for him. He went and sponsored the materials as agreed and I was left with an empty canvas and some paint tubes. Him providing the materials for me added pressure to what I’d do with this project. It would be a shame if he’ll see the finish product and not like it at all. That would be a waste of his time and money. So I was discussing with friends and asking some ideas what they think would best fit the theme of the work. A lot suggested many. Still confused, I tried to start putting strokes on the white cloth. He wanted it on a warm tone. As he asked me to relate the painting to his blog, I can only think of nude. I told him I view it as a sexy-gay blog. Avoiding to be literal by painting a neck tie and a guy; which, most of what my friends suggested, I decided to try and see if I can do a life-like art of nudity using oil paint. I like nude, but I’m only able to do one with a different medium.

So I stroked and swish my way, until I came to a base layer of what it’s gonna look like. My concept: a guy slowly taking off his robe and opening a red closet - hot, gay, sexual – I think. Anxious if client would love the work, I showed it to some of my friends. I thought I needed their opinion at the early stage of work so changes can be done if it doesn’t pass their taste.

Realizing that a comment of a friend has a point, I decided to erase everything and rethink another concept. Haaayz.


  1. im sure closeted guy would have appreciated a painting of nude man. it would probably hang in his closet. LOL. but closeted guy is enjoying the final outcome , immensely.

  2. @closet case: salamat! sa uulitin!!!!


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