Friday, March 30, 2012

Thrill Seeker

The potential for a person to be someone you can be with is there, and at times, proving it is just what’s needed. It’s a bit disappointing and depressing to realize that there are people who are just plain thrill seekers. And when the thrill of chasing games is almost gone, when all are fine and going smooth, they get bored and slip away. Not a good sign that they can stay and keep a long term relationship. So it’s best to assess someone if they are there to stay, or just for the thrill of it... During the happy times of chasing, sneaking and crazy love making.


  1. awwww... although the number of thrill seekers is relatively higher than the serious ones, meron pa rin namang mga taong seryosohan ang hanap. Though hard to find, nandyan lang sila sa paligid. one just has to be more keen.

  2. I believe there is the right time and place for everybody. We also need to consider the readiness of both parties to settle down

  3. @ronronturon: u cant blame them, the thrill is addicting, but yeah i agree, meron pa rin dyan... its just unfortunate sometimes that the one you thought might be the one is just there for the thrill of it
    @seth: i agree... i see those thrill seekers as people who are not ready yet or they havent seen the person worthy to make them settle down...


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