Thursday, March 22, 2012


Its pain when "I love you" becomes a simple acknowledgement between two long time lovers. If it’s said just for the sake of it, it becomes senseless. The company of the other has been too comforting that it becomes a ritual. Everyday things that you do has become a routine that makes the excitement fade out - ending up in an emotional turmoil for both, eventually branching out to issues that would explode one way or another. Changes should be made, if for the better, well and good; but if it should come otherwise, acceptance must be made.


  1. Probably the lesser meaning given to the words "I love you" all stems from the indiscriminate giving of reassurance.

  2. @raymond: reassurance... i like that, hehehehe... when one fails to reassure the mutual feelings to the other and became to complaisant, thats when i love you becomes meaningless


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