Monday, March 12, 2012

Immortal Goddess

If you're gorgeous and you know it, how would you play in the game of dating and flirting?

Some would give it all and take every opportunity making the most of the little time they have. People may call them "easy" but they prefer to be called “friendly”, they just wanna enjoy every bite of it.

Some would play hard to get, bossy, divalish like an immortal goddess. Playing and portraying like an untouchable is how they do it. They say it’s a strategy to raise their market value. But usually ends up with the disappointed goddess going home empty handed.

One good example is a typical bar situation where gorgeous guy enters head held high. Everyone looks for that’s what he wanted. He’d play suplado, sometimes close to being rude already; but still feeling the attention he gets. When mortals notice that goddess will only hook-up with someone as high; or higher than him, he’ll simply be ignored.

There's a thin line in the middle where you could be accommodating but not too easy; and knowing how to raise your value but not playing like a bitch, where everyone would end up hating and telling you to go home with only your hand for the night.

It’s a matter of balancing things out; without looking conceited or vulgar.

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  1. indeed :))

    gods and goddesses should learn their lessons from their colleagues :D


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