Sunday, February 5, 2012


Bubbles was given by a friend. She lived her short life with us after being choked by her own collar when she was left unattended. Some years after, we got Sasha, who was initially so adored because she was a very healthy puppy. With her being hyperactive and constantly noisy; and us living a vampire life because of our call centre jobs, I failed to stand the barking noise she does while we try to put all efforts to get a good sleep back then. Sasha was sent to Bulacan, so someone can look after her and us to prevent stress due to lack of sleep. After what happened, I promised myself that the next time we get a dog, I’d only settle for a pug. Aside from it being my favourite breed because of its look, their lazy and quiet reputation makes it a perfect pet to fit our lifestyle.

While most people have less appreciation with pugs; I, on the other hand, adore them a lot. So after years of living without a pet, considering that my partner badly wants one, I finally gave in. Thanks to Instagram people I follow that constantly post pictures of adorable pugs, it made me decide.

We went to Tiendesitas to check out some, but most are really pricy and out of our budget. Those were the good breeds; some are what they call champions because of their good blood line. I on the other hand had second thoughts. I figured, why would I get a very expensive one and be too concerned with its bloodline if I don’t plan on being a pug breeder? I only want a dog to satisfy my wanting to have one. So the practical me won the battle and decided to ignore those nice looking pugs and tried my luck to search other options.

First stop was the internet where there are a lot of sellers who has almost the same price as those in Tiendesitas. Then I checked Cartimar, where I heard was a pet landia full of inexpensive dogs but was just disappointed to see another Tiendesitas situated in Manila. So the last option came to mind and had me travelling far and lost just to get there, the ever so dirty and animal abusing Aranque. I’ve heard stories of animal cruelty in that market and thought that maybe I can save a life of a pug if I get lucky.

As I entered the filthy market, I was approached by different vendors offering to sell exotic animals such as scorpions, lizards, snake and monkeys. I felt scared so I ignored. I went around and tried to ask one guy where I can find a pug. The guy escorted me to a store and told me that the whole market has one pug left and I was lucky to have that chance. Of course I didn’t believe him so after asking the seller of the details I went around again and asked others. Apparently, the guy is telling me the truth, the first store was the only one selling a pug. I checked him out and he seemed to be very thin. My initial target was a girl, but since I have no other option, I took him half-heartedly and convinced myself that it was a good buy.

From Aranque back to Tiendesitas to have him groomed and checked by the vet. Fortunately, the puppy seemed to be very healthy considering the condition he had when he was not yet sold. The vet examined and assured me that what I got was a pure breed and has the right age as what was told in Aranque. I was happy. The vet advised me of the things to do and vaccines that he needs so he can be well.

After a few weeks, Yoda (the name of the dog) is now very healthy and has gained a lot of weight. He is now active and has completed his required vaccines from the vet. Above all, we were so happy to discover how bright Yoda is. Aside from him being toilet trained and house trained during his first 2 weeks, he is now learning some new tricks that we truly enjoy watching.

Who said you need to spend much for a paper with a lot of red marks in it to get a quality pet? Mine’s one of the best, I’d like to believe.

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