Saturday, January 28, 2012


If someone has an affair, the blame usually goes to the partner and inefficiency starts to come out. It’s a simple reasoning of the cheating end on why it has occurred. As for him, he tries his best not to put the blame on the other for the other is too good that the unjust is unable to see any reason why blame the other. He admits it’s his own fault - an affair that started out with a simple attraction, became intense through time and has now been something else that no one can define, or worse, can figure out what to do. Can it really be possible that the cheating end did it just because of attraction? Or has it evolved into more than a physical thing because the cheating has found something in it that the other cannot provide? Whatever the answer is, the other is someone who should not be compromised through all of this. After all, the other is just a victim of an unjust cheater.


  1. is there such a thing as a "just" cheater?

  2. the mind is the unjust that's why the person cheats. cheating is just a product of an unjust mind. :)

  3. hahaha i see.

    but i would like to believe that the statement is rhetorical in itself. otherwise, the person will always be the cheater to public.
    i haven't seen anyone shouted at somebody else's mind for having cheat.

    just kidding.. :)


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