Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stressed Out

When you get jealous and suspecting, is it just paranoia? Does it mean you don’t trust your partner? Are you just being pessimistic about it? When something is not going right and you feel a little uneasy, is it really just nothing but stress you bring yourself or an intuition of what lies behind all excuses and unusual behaviours? Would you stress yourself or don’t give a shit about it? At the end, its not you who’ll be at the losing end anyway, if you keep yourself stress free.


  1. strike a balance between being apathetic & psychotic =) it's more fun... hahaha

  2. Hahahha. I think i'll leave the psychotic part to you and i'll stick to the apahetic side. Lol

  3. this is the greatest paradox: the emotions cannot be trusted, yet it is they that tell us the greatest truths..

    -Don Herold

    just sharing :)


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