Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seeing his Closet

We decided to meet up after work. He was sitting at the back of his gorgeous car as he opened the window and said hi. I went in and we talked a bit. It was not too far to get where we’re heading. “Choose whatever you need for the work and I’ll pay for it” like what was agreed. I told him to get the biggest there is since it would be for free; better make the most out of it. We got some tubes and a bottle of oil, then he paid it. We talked a bit and discussed more of what he wants for the work. He didn’t give any suggestion and left the whole idea up to me. Base it from his famous blog, he said. So he asked how I see his blog; and I told him I consider it as one of the sexy gay blogs and admitted I was a fan even before I knew him. He’s one of those few well established and sensible blogs there is and I was really honoured to meet him, a famous blog idol.

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