Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Tito Jun finally posted the painting I did for him on his wall. I was so excited so I took a photo the moment I saw it hanging. It was the first ever big canvas I did. Someone has finally trusted me to do a painting for them and I’m glad they liked it. Lately I was addicted posting photos at Instagram, so it didn’t take much time before it was seen there. Some people liked the work until I got one comment from a famous blogger in blogspot wanting to commission me for one. I gladly agreed. He was asking how much is the fee and I was excited and flattered. I don’t charge for my work, I’m just uncomfortable doing so. I thought I’m a novice in the field of arts and I am no one to charge anyone for a labour of love. He’s not the first who asked me to do a work for their home and I always refused to be paid for it. It is my simple gratitude for showing appreciation to my work. What I usually do is ask them to provide the materials for me and I’ll make them one. No matter how big the painting they want, as long as it’s achievable on my end, I’d be more than happy to do so.

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