Tuesday, November 22, 2011


They were happy savouring the moments together, a relationship so special as if nothing can come between them. It was all so good… so good to be true - the ecstatic feeling of emotion overflowing from two hearts that are overwhelmed with every opportunity. Until one day, the coldness was felt. Could it be that the other got bored, verified that it’s nothing more than just a feeling of excitement. Could it be that the other realized that he can’t picture himself being with the other who’s almost ready to give up everything for him? They both thought that they got the best of each other. Something that would lead them to finally be together one day; until the other realizes that he’s not so into him after all. Shattered but thankful, acceptance is the only thing that can be done; thankful that it didn’t come to being worse. Before it came, they ended it. Will it?

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