Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who would've thought?

I am not and never will be the best writer. I see myself as a trying hard blogger who only wants to share my thoughts and emotions to the world. It is only my interest to touch people’s lives and leave a mark, somehow. It was in my wildest dreams, not to be a hypocrite; but I’ve always wanted to be a legitimate and recognized writer at some point. Proud and grateful, I was luckily given an opportunity to submit my works to an editor in chief of a certain international magazine. I was only asked to submit my blog entries for a fashion article to be released this November, but I was anxious. My blog entries never talks about anything in fashion. With only 2 hours to do what was asked, I hurriedly made up an entry about fashion just so I can show them that somehow I’m capable of talking about it. Fortunately, the editor liked what I wrote and told me she’s gonna include my entry to the November issue. Who would’ve thought huh?

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