Sunday, October 16, 2011

Strength of being Vulnerable

With whatever happened during my child hood, it resulted to making me strong. So strong that I wasn’t able to go back to the vulnerable me. Strength of a mind can be a burden if a heart is screaming to express and be heard, be loved. I have tried my all to find love through others, all my life I’ve been searching for it and going through different directions to find it. It is very difficult for me to show that I am vulnerable. It became too comforting to stick to being strong so no one can hurt me until I am caught into nowhere. I am stuck and it is so hard to go back and become me again. I find it hard to touch others and become loving, for over the years I can only express the weak me through men I met. I forgot how it is to be susceptible. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness after all. I am yet to find who I really am for I have lost it. I am yet to learn how to love myself, something that was never realized and done.

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