Thursday, September 22, 2011


Warnings and precautions were told. Never trust a well known snake and enter its kingdom. I didn’t listen. I thought friendship is my basis to shrug the thought. But as time flies and opportunities knock one over the other, it brings me closer to where it is reigning. Careful and cautious, thinking optimistic of what it could become; snake has its intention, a not so good one. Jealousy, insecurity, crab mentality is what’s given. Buffering every chance I have to be familiarized with the world it is in to, doing it subtle and slow until it creeps in me and choke me. Why would I let it happen? Of course not. If you know how to fight with your brain, I know how to fight with mine. Over the years we both know very well who has more intellect; so I’ll hush and we’ll see.

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