Friday, September 2, 2011


Lights blinked on and off. The party continues. I was a bit drunk so dancing is my refuge to shake away the nauseous feeling. After finishing the bottle, I decided to take a leak. The comfort room is far from the dance floor. It’s a struggle and an exciting experience to go there since you’d need to pass through bumping bodies of hot guys in a hot environment like such. I was finally able to take a cubicle and do my thing. After I freshened up, I saw the guy who’s eyeing me trying to have the guts to approach me. I ignored and went straight outside. While walking to get inside the bar, I knew the guy was following me. I was nervous, until I heard a voice calling me. It was my partner asking to wait for him. The guy was turned down again. After the encounter, we went home as if nothing happened. It’s just funny and flattering to realize that after all those years of feeling unattractive, I get to have that chasing experience with a cute guy from the bar. Talking about evaluating my marketability, I suppose; a good boost to an insecure person’s confidence. I was teasing my partner for being jealous since he’s really not the jealous type ever since. I felt good to confirm that he can be jealous after all.

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  1. i am hearing adelle's chasing pavement while reading your post. hahaha!


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