Friday, September 16, 2011


When you became too close to your boss as if your buddies already, when do you know where the boundary is?

The thing I’ve learned and still learning about a boss-employee relationship is that no matter how comfortable you are with your boss, you can never forget his authority over you. In a corporate world, it is important to voice out what you think and feel about a given situation. It is proper to tell it in a more professional manner. Whatever the boss says you need to do, you must do it. If it fails, a back up plan must be implemented. Voice out your opinion if necessary. If accepted, good for you; but if not, you need to learn to respect your boss’ decision. Hierarchy is one thing we should all respect, for at the end of the day, your boss is still your boss who would make the final verdict… I’m just say’n.


  1. it all depends. some people are just better at keeping it professional when it needs to and some dont.

    be careful though. i've learned from mine already.

  2. hello! musta ka na? finollow ko na ulit yung blog mo :) Ako yung may akda ng Adobo Photoshop, nagbago na kasi ako ng Blog URL :) Hope you follow back :) Maraming salamat :D

    Biboy Fotograpiya

  3. @Herbs d.: i am careful and i respect my boss so much... heheheh
    @biboy ordinario:Thanks for following me again, its an honor...


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