Monday, August 29, 2011

Option to Fish

Mom went out of rehab recently and we decided to have a mom and son bonding over dinner in one of the Japanese restaurants near our place. My eldest sister decided to cut my mom’s allowance so she can stay home and not think about doing drugs again. I feel like my mom is down and belittling herself with the situation she have. She used to receive a good amount of money from my sister just for her allowance every month. Now, mom is expecting and asking me to give her the same money that my sister was giving her. I refused. I refused because I cannot afford to give her my whole month salary. I don’t earn dollars to give away a big amount of pesos every month. I can only do so much. I offered her to put up a small business where I can give her the capital so she can have a recreational activity and earn at the same time. I love my mom after all of what she’s done. I thought I can give her all the savings I have so just she can start the business. I thought it’s a good idea since it will serve as a source of income and a therapy for her. A therapy so when she gets busy with it, she won’t be able to think of going back to doing drugs again. She refused since she’s used to having instant money. I did not contest but I thought and told her, I could not hand her the fish; but I can only teach her how to fish, it’s the best that I can do for now.


  1. I hope your mom will fully recover. Stay close to her. She'll need you now more than ever.

  2. yeah teach her how to fish :) and cheers to your mom's full recovery! ^_^


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