Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Girl's Night Out

It’s a girl’s night out, my gay friends convinced me and my partner to go with them in a nearby gay bar to party. It’s been forever since we last attended a gay party scene. I would admit I was excited though playing is not an option since I am committed. We were there to party with friends and support them score to the hot guys in the bar. After a few drinks, I was a bit tipsy and dancing with friends while my partner is quietly drinking in one corner of the bar. I spotted a guy smiling at me across the room and slowly making his way to approach me. I refused and play around delighting the guy. I have no intentions of making a move though. The guy is in his thirties, I suppose; cute, tall and muscular. The type I used to date before I met my partner. He’s dancing and getting closer to us. I was aiming for my friend to hook up with the guy’s friend who’s also getting closer. My partner approached and told me to move away after noticing that the guy is slowly making his moves.

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