Friday, August 5, 2011


A dear friend broke up with his lover for good. We were there to comfort him all throughout. It was fresh and painful. Another friend asked him where he stands in the process of DABDA: the stages of grief. He seemed okay and happy, trying to find comfort from rebound guys that he messages from his blackberry. He’s been known to mask what he feels and put up a show that everything’s cool and in high spirits, so we thought he’s still on the first stage – denial. He denies the pain and covers it with excitement from having a rebound. Or is it? When he is known to just be a cheerful person who chooses not to focus on the ache that his shit has caused him?


  1. I think it goes to show how there are always many ways of looking at things, and in itself, it's quite an enigmatic and interesting part of life. I cannot claim to know your friend to know how to best support him, but, from experience, I suggest that you just let him be - let him milk his pain dry, let him milk his fleeting trysts, his passing joys dry as well. There are sorrows he has to empty out, and demons only he can slay. Just be there for him po, kuya. As with everything else, this, too, shall pass. :)

  2. very well said... thanks, appreciate your deep insight!


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