Sunday, August 7, 2011


… The night continues with more alcohol consumed. “You must move on to the next phase my dear, and that’s anger” Carlos told Jonathan as he assessed the situation our friend was into. “Tell us what makes you angry about it?” he asked. I was quiet and observing all the time. I have not known Jonathan to be an angry person. “Anger will help you survive” Carlos added and asked me for confirmation being it known that-that was a line I used to believe in.

I thought, anger can help you survive… for a time, but you must move on and learn how to forgive and happily let go. Happy that the person you love most is now free and better off with what he chose. I am not a firm believer of anger, for when maturity comes and forgiveness strikes, you’ll come to your senses that it’s lighter to release and become blissful.

As for the process we all know as DABDA, I thought, anger must strike in the process of grief; although, unnecessary to linger on it. Some people chose to move to the next step or so than get stuck in a heavier phase of the condition.

Of course it still depends on the gravity of the cause and the ripeness of the person to let off and be humble. I’m just say’n.


  1. Sometimes it helps, depending on how you handle that anger. It's a dangerous play though, I must admit.

  2. it does help... but sooner or later u need to learn how to get that anger off and accept the situation

  3. There are people who take in anger too long and some can recuperate short after. All I can say is he should know where to channel his anger properly.


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