Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blab: Snotty

What makes you a good leader?

Would it really matter to be authoritative? Would you create a mark on your co-employees if you’re strict?

Being exposed to different leaders since I started working after college, I’ve learned and still learning that an effective leader should never be close minded. Never expect that only your thoughts matter because your subordinates are human too, and they can think (rationally). Be open to all the mistakes that could happen along the way (as I said, employees are only human, you too). Nothing will happen if you’ll stress yourself and the people around you. It’s better to move and find a good resolution. The problem with most of the Filipino leaders in a corporate world is their ego - thinking that they are godly enough so they close themselves to a glass for people to worship them. Humble yourself down and reach out to your people. I say, a good leader should learn how to mould things and create a good outcome after all the imperfections and struggles that you encounter on your way. In short, being flexible is the key to success. As a leader, would it be enough that you’re successful with what you do because your employees fear you?

Or would it be so much better if employees work their ass out on any project not of fear but of love and gratitude and appreciation; because of the support they see in you. Ask yourself snotty boss, is that the making of a good leader?

-Dedicated to Ms. OHDTH-


  1. And a good leader makes his subordinates do what they have to do willingly not because they have to, but because they see you as a good leader.


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