Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blab: Not another Career Dilemma

Life is going so fast. It is not clear where am I heading. Fear is lurking inside my mind. What would you do if you love what you do but unsecured and unstable of the future? Would you be honest to your boss that you have an offer from another department of the company? A much secured position. Or would you quit and wont say you have a back up plan? Either way, they’ll be able to know it anyway. I don’t wanna burn bridges though; one way or another, knowing how they think, they would definitely formulate a different and negative reason behind my decision. Whatever they think my motives would be, I don’t bother. I know that I do my best and my work is exceptional, as I believe. Some people would make your life miserable and find every imperfection they could find just for the heck of it-because they don’t feel me maybe; or could be that with the power they have, they just simply enjoy toying people’s lives under them. Would that be a good example of a leader, or just a simple case of another power-tripping?


  1. goodluck with that!:) wag pansinin ang mga walang magawa.hehe

  2. why not take the offer and face the challenge attached to it. maybe it will give you the opportunity to continuously grow. :)

  3. i guess so...thnks for d comment


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