Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blab: No Pressure

May 12, 2011 is when we celebrated out 4th anniversary together. Most of people like us would admire a relationship like ours. A lot of people complimented the longevity of what we have. It was flattering but not something to brag about. If someone says we’re an ideal couple, if someone says we’re the perfect pair and ask how we do it; I can’t think of the right thing to answer. We don’t dwell on what people would think. We love because we’re in love and we don’t live for what other people would say. If we have a problem, we share it to friends. We don’t put up a show and tell people how lovely we are. We just live for one another; and not pressure ourselves to be admired by others.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, kuya. :) I learned a lot po.

  2. @spiral prince: wow, happy that someone learned from it. heheheh...pleassure's mine
    @mark: thanks for liking it

  3. congrats...and keep on loving each tama ka madami natutuwa sa mga relasyon na nagtatagal ng gaya ng sa inyo,isa na ko dun...


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