Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blab: Dig Deep

When conflicts happen and doubts arise, what would the clueless do?

Would you stay knowing what was there and revealed? Believe in whatever was told? Convince yourself of the authenticity and settle for it?

I’m a digger when there’s conflict. I don’t settle for what was simply told if I myself was not convinced yet. I satisfy whatever doubts I have in mind until I find the truthful honesty, brutal and cruel. I’d rather have it the way I want it if you’d like me to believe in it. Whatever conflict in a relationship there is, it’s best if you dig deeper and figure out the root cause of it all. Without finding it, would be impossible to have the resolution. Unresolved issues cannot be concealed with a smile, much more with lies. Would you hold on if you’re hanging?


  1. I totally agree. Some are really clueless and yet they believe on themselves that they know what the truth and even voice out things that won't help resolve an issue...

    Frist time here in your blog and I like how you post. The blog is also neat.

  2. thanks for the compliment xall perce... i like your blog too, very informative... hehehehe


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