Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blab: Unit G

The time when we moved in, a gay friend of mine spotted a cute and stocky guy living in unit G, a floor lower from our unit. According to my friend, he was wearing boxer's shorts while cleaning his frosted glass window beside his door. I started to be curious about my neighbour down stairs.

One night, my high school gay friend who lives near the apartment paid us a visit. He was in a hurry knocking at the door to invite me and my partner to watch our neighbour downstairs.

Unit G doesn’t have curtains on his window so we can definitely see the silhouette of the people inside. We hurriedly went to the staircase and observe what’s happening. After a few minutes of waiting, we saw a guy passed by, probably going to a room. We thought he’s wearing his black underwear until we noticed a long flesh dangling in the middle of the bush. We got excited to see his naked silhouette so we decided to stay for his show. We were sipping a glass of juice while watching our neighbour from the stair case. It seems like he’s conversing with someone across the room.

Waiting for what he’s gonna do next, we saw him grab a towel and heard the door lock clicking. We hurriedly went back upstairs and pretended like it’s nothing, containing our laughter as we try to be quiet as we possibly can.

I would never know if we were caught peeping by our neighbour. But it was a funny experience I would surely do again if I have the chance.

I still wonder how neighbour G looks like, though. Is he cute? Is he gay? He’s definitely sexy and big from what we saw. As it remains a mystery of who and what lies behind every door of the five storey building we now call our home.


  1. wahhahahhhah, mga maninilip!hahaha tapos hipon pala ang guy.hehe

  2. @Carrie: yeah! hehehehe... saya ng neighbor namen... heheheh
    @mark: uhmmm... wait for my next entry ndi sya hipon... hehehehe


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