Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blab: Symbolic

I grew up living with my wealthy aunt. One day, my sister decided to pay a visit and have lunch with me and my aunt’s family. Dinner was over when the mangoes were served. As usual, mangoes were cut in three parts: two cheeks and the seed part. My sister was shocked to find out that I was only allowed to eat all their left over seed part. I can see that my sister was devastated with what she saw. From then on I promised myself that when I get to earn my own money, I’d always have a mango in my house no matter what. Since then, it has been a special fruit for me. It reminds me of my humble beginnings; and for some reason, it has been a symbol of success for me. I thought, when I was a child, mangoes are only for the wealthy; now I think mangoes are the sweetest fruit of success and accomplishment.

How about you, what’s your reminder of accomplishment or your symbol of success? Have you found your mango already?


  1. nagtayo ka na ba ng manggahan? lol.

    sipag lang siguro yung sikreto ng success para sa akin. kung di ka masipag at matyaga, wala din.

  2. Sobrang early pa sa age ko. I have yet to find it.


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