Monday, May 23, 2011

Blab: Scared Crabby

Hatred would get you nowhere. Jealousy and crab mentality, even to your closest friends, would bring you far down. You’re maybe at the top now; but, be careful of what the future holds. When controlling and being superior is your game, I let you be. You’re cruel intentions are not shady. I can see it undoubtedly behind the smiling face. If you say you’re this and that for so many bragging reasons, let it shine and play fair. After all, the bitch is back that’s why you’re scared.


  1. Agreed! So far, I have had no encounters of crabbies yet. Hopefully, not. These people are not far from backstabbers and liars. They make no good at all.

  2. i have had so many encounters of such... its sad but it makes me tougher and yes!they are no good at all


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