Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blab: Move On & Hold On

After a six-year relationship with his partner, they broke up. It’s final. “what if he comes back begging to have you again?” he cant answer, his guy cheated so many times. Words unnecessary were said to have him off the house. He’s back to square one.

Loving a person so much is not enough to have your dignity forgotten. No one can ask if you still love him after what happened. Love will always be there no matter what. A person to say he don’t love him anymore is still hurting and bitter, acceptance is what’s needed. Once you learn to live life without the person, be strong enough not to go back. It’s best to have it that way to freeze the good picture and not let it be worse. I’d rather keep the good memories with me than try it once again if I know it would be pointless. Only you can tell if it is or it isn’t.


  1. Hey, kamusta? I could't help notice your recent posts are tinged with sadness.

    Is it about you? I hope you are okay.


  2. so sad.....


  3. @imsonotconio: oh well...be strong my friend u can get through it
    @kane: oh no! its definitely not about me...its about afriend who shared his story...i was just inspired


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