Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blab: Funky Bitch

What to do if your boss is a bitch?

It’s not a normal day for Jane coz she was not able to do her morning routine at the toilet before work. She was fixing her stuff when she arrived at her desk when she suddenly farted. It was silent but attention greedy. She kept quiet. A few seconds after, her boss approached her to do her morning nag. “Uhm... ahhh...” she can’t seem to know what to say. Boss has suddenly become disoriented. “Yes boss?” Jane smiled as she looks at her boss straight in the eyes. Jane can tell that her boss is feeling uncomfortable and deciding if she should get out of that damn cubicle or just continue what she’s gonna say. Jane thought, “At last eat my funky fart bitch!” She was containing her laughter inside her... so she farted silently again. When her boss finally realized she can’t take it, boss went out and made an excuse why she can’t speak. Lesson of the story: don’t be a bitch to your employees.


  1. Swabeng swabe ang epekto. Hehe

  2. ahahahahah! solve solve nga sya

  3. burn that bitch lol sana she made light para BOOM

  4. @bulakbolero.sg: yup it is a true story
    @imsonotconio: hahahahaha, sana nga nagawa nya yun para her boss wud burn immediately...hahahah...sama


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