Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blab: Flame

He’s in love with a guy for 2 years; the other had been with the same guy for quite a long time now. They are both committed and happy with their own partners. Why is there a sudden attraction? Actions could be misinterpreted. Why is he entertaining the other? Flirtatious gestures and communication, one can never deny the intensity of what’s going on. He thinks of him more than what’s necessary- wrong time for such yearning. Each does his best to avoid further explosion; but each can’t resist the constant contact and mutual magnetism - a guilty pleasure. Trying to contain and control the flame that may outburst one day if miss fed with aspiration.


  1. They'll have to talk and set their priorities straight. Love is a choice---it may be too early to label it that, but the bottomline is the same: attraction, like love, happens with more than one person at a time, and in the end we have to choose one over the other. Happens more than we think it does.

  2. @Nimmy and Ryan: well, as of now they're still trying to fix things up...wishing them all the luck though


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