Friday, May 27, 2011

Blab: Building G

It was not until a few days after we moved in to our new apartment that we discovered who the mystery guy from unit G is. Apparently, he’s the newlywed son of our land lady; so all hopes were shattered since we don’t wanna mess up with a straight guy, especially if he’s the son of the owner of where we live in.

We had a small talk with the land lady one night and discovered that aside from her son and the Americans who were renting the pent house beside our unit; everybody else from that building is gay. “It’s amazing to know that all my tenants are gay” she mentioned “I’m gay at heart too” We got excited. So many questions rumbled inside my head: I wonder what do my neighbours look like, are they nice people, and is there a couple living in there too? But mostly, excitement is what I feel; and I look forward to meeting them all soon- Very soon.


  1. Oh wow! I'm looking for a new place to stay, and it looks like that place is VERY interesting, LOL. Can you email me where that place is?

  2. hahaha haharutin lang sila ganun? joke!

  3. wahaha, migration na ang prevailing theme sa blogosphere. Ms Chuni is searching for an apartment, McVie is looking for a new place, too. And you have moved in to an interesting place. :)

  4. @joelmcvie: im not sure if mai vacant pa actually but if youre willing to live in green park pasig u can check it out, its the highest buidling in queensland st of greenpark... heheheh
    @mac callister: tomoooh!
    @carrie: it is very interesting... hehehehehe... havent explored the building that much but i sure will... hahahah


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