Monday, May 9, 2011

Blab: Assuming or Hopeful

It’s been 2 months since they started dating. It’s been less than 10 times they’ve seen each other. The third date was when the girl gave herself to him. It’s her birthday celebration and yet the guy said he has a family gathering - An excuse so lame if you come to think of it. It’s understandable if the party is held on an afternoon; but if it’s late night and he still has an excuse, there could be something else. When can she see the truth that he’s just not that in to her? Trying to believe that love could flourish from something that already had so many wrongs on it. Assumptions and doubts are concealed. Would it be the guy’s fault for he makes the girl hope; or is it the girl’s who assumes a lot of things from a guy’s simple gestures of just merely being subtle?


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