Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blab: Superficial

At some point, there will be a boring phase in a long term relationship. A couple who’d say their relationship is smooth sailing and all happy would be superficial. What could be greater: a love not felt so bold but said so frequent; or a love unspoken but felt so much? When a perfect couple admits they have issues, I commend. They are normal. It’s an ongoing process to keep the fire burning. When one gets bored of the usual routine, someone says they need spice; for the worse, they need space. Spice is not really necessary; but rather, a good realization and appreciation. Space could be beyond its magnitude and needs to be prevented. I would never expect or try hard to mould the perfect relationship everyone adores; I’d rather have it with all its flaws so we’d learn to compromise and grow from it.


  1. nakarelate naman ako sa post na to,haha nasabi at natumbok mo na, aagree nalang ako,ehe

  2. This is what defines mature love. I hope that many couples share that same kind of love to each other. It's beyond words, and sometimes beyond comprehension, but is surely genuinely felt.

  3. check kuya! kaya nga inaaway ko lagi si leo para may spice. chos!

    ganda ng attached image.

  4. @mark: wow...well.. goodluck sayo!hehehe
    @ryan: tomooohhh!!!
    Nimmy:thanks for liking my artwork... hehehehe... wag mo naman masyado awayin hehehehehe

  5. Actually, a bit of space is good, really; in fact, space can be the added spice in a relationship.

    What space am I referring to? It's the space that the partners need as individuals for them to grow. =)

  6. @joelmcvie: haven't been convinced from what i have experienced. i always thought if a couple experiences rough times no one should push it through spice or space; but if ur rel works well, just a good realization will do. if it needs to be induced by spice or space, then so be it.but its not always necessary
    the space u were referring to, i couldn't agree more. space is necessary for individualism

    thnks for the comment. its an honor


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