Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blab: Stolen Holy Week

It’s gonna be our first holy week vacation ever. Since we worked in companies where holy week is nothing but another day, we are very excited. It’s Holy Tuesday and I am still thinking where to have a grand vacation getaway. I was thinking of a 5 day vacation maybe at the beach or on a mountain high. My day at work is almost over. The phone rang, it was my partner “did you brought your laptop with you at work?” “Of course not, you know I never do that” I answered. He sound worried. “I think it’s stolen” I was in shock. He went home from work and found the door opened with all the lights on. He discovered that the unit is unusually tidy, weird. He called my name several times but got no response. He began to feel suspicious as he slowly approached the room. He then discovered that some items were already missing: my laptop, 2 mobile phones and his i-touch 4. I went home immediately and reported the incident to the police. Like expected, there’s nothing we can do. I am just grateful to know that we’re both safe and not all our gadgets were stolen. What’s funny was whoever stole it left my partner’s wallet opened with all the money exposed not stolen.


  1. Ang weird naman ng magnanakaw, siguro mga gadgets lang talaga ang gusto niya, kapag may nawala, isipin mo na lang mas malaki ang kapalit.. :

  2. tomoooh!!!hay pinasa Diyos na lang namen sya... weird talaga...cguro biglaan lang din na naisipan nyang magnakaw


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