Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blab: Mariah Saved My Touch

I and my partner have each of our own i-touch4. We bought it last December as our Christmas gift for ourselves. After some time, we realized it’s too big to carry around on our way to work. We decided to switch back to our old and handy shuffle for our everyday use. The day when we were burglarized, I woke up suddenly feeling bored to the usual songs I listen to from my shuffle. I thought a little of Mariah would kill it. I miss my Mimi songs so I decided to bring my i-touch that day. Lucky for me it wasn’t stolen. Thanks to Mimi coz she saved my touch. Unfortunately for my partner, his touch was gone. God bless that thief and I hope he’d be happy.


  1. godbless mariah!LOL

    madami pang nanakaw sa inyO?ingat nalang kayo next time :-)

  2. love mariah too!
    sorry to hear about the buglary incident

  3. @mac callister: mabuhay!!! lol
    un lang naman ang mga nanakaw, pero still ang sakit sa loob dahil pinaghirapan namen un. haaay
    @hard2getxxx: thanks... good to know that there's a mariah fan here in blogspot as well... hhehehehe

  4. She used to be my idol, up until the Emancipation. Was already dancing Dreamlover and belting Hero in highschool. Good times, though.

    Ingat na lang din sa mga valuables. :)

  5. @Carrie: u didnt like her na sa mga sumunod na albums?bakit???!!! hahahaha... anyway... super doble ingat na talaga kame ngayun...hehehe

  6. wow savior mo si mariah,hahaha. kinasangkapan siya ng diyos para hind manakaw ang itouch mo.hehe

  7. @mark: tomoooohhh!!!hehehehe... thank God I found


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