Monday, April 11, 2011

Blab: Kimchi Please!

When I started working in the network, it definitely was a feast in the eye. A lot of good looking people surround you wherever you go. You just can’t seem to find someone who’s just an average guy. Too many beautiful people makes me sick and insecure. I found so many flaws I never thought I had before I started here. Now I long for normal beauty, the kind which is not so good to be true. The problem with pretty guys is their ego, they expect everyone to bow down on their knees and please them. So when I see one of such, I ignore. I’m just not into people who are so into themselves. I realized, too much of them makes me puke with “umay”. Kimchi please!


  1. Talaga? So that's where the good looking people are. Lol.

    Kami dito medyo malungkot kasi mayroon man good looking, iilan lang. Mabibilang ko lang sa mga daliri ng isang kamay ko. Wala lang. Inspiration lang at least kahit stressful, mayroon kang pwedeng tingnan, and it would melt your stress away. Hehehe. ^_^

  2. Asus. Just whip your hair back and forth when they try make you bow down to them! hehe

  3. @kiki: well nakakabawas nga ng stress pag mai crush ka at nakasilay ka...kaso pag sobrang dami nila nakakumay talaga pramis!!!
    @spiral prince: hahahaha...natawa naman ako sa comment mo.ittry ko nga un...hhahaha

  4. at saan naman ang office na yan? LOL.

    bigyan niyo nga kami kahit kaunting good looking dyan. :)

  5. Oo nga. Bigyan niyo naman kami ng good looking dito. ^_^

  6. Superlike!! may off factor nga pag super pogi. di na attractive


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