Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blab: Gravity

It’s a lonely girls club. We decided to have a drink with 2 heartbroken ladies to comfort them. Aphrodite had her relationship for 5 years and Danny had hers for 2. Danny was engaged until her fiancé decided to quit the engagement over a non sense fight. We tried to console Aphrodite but all she blabs is that she can’t do it. She doesn’t have the will to let go. She blocks every encouragement we say that she can do it. On the other hand, Danny was strong enough to say she can make it. 2 different scenarios in a night full of hatred and emotions. Who wins?

I got tired of giving advices to Aphrodite. She’s hard headed and refused to believe she can move on. I decided to give it up. Whatever anyone says to encourage her; it’s she who has the problem already. She likes to linger in the pain. Danny is helping herself out. In a month or two, I can see Danny finally moving on with her life. She knows how to help herself.

I'm just Say'n: The gravity of heartache depends on how you handle it.


  1. that's true. the gravity of heartache depends on who's the one handling it.

    it is really up to the person if he/she can move on fast after the failed relationships.

  2. minsan kasi yung pain na iyon, kapag nasanay ka na,parang makakakuha ka ng comfort dun, sa maniwala ka't sa hindi, lalo na yung iba na mahina,parang ayaw na umalis muna sa state na iyon kasi parang napagiisip nila na may pagasa pa siguro,pwede namang di masira baka kailangan pa ng konting tiis. mahina sila pero kung minsan, effective at nagwo-work. Yung magnet na humihila sa kanila para di makaalis doon ay nagpapahiwatig din naman ng hope o pagkapit para sa maayos anu man ang gusot.. un lang hehe.

  3. @bulakbolero:natumbok mo tsong!

    @mark: well however she wants to do her letting go ill just support her wala naman akong magagawa kundi supportahan sya kahit alam kong mas masakit ung ginagawa nya. we all have our healing process siguro and yes, maybe its for the better. ndi ko man maintindihan pa ngayun baka nga effective un

  4. true that! kahit anong sabihin mo kung hindi naman open ung pinagsasabihan mo mapapagod ka lang. :)


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