Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blab: Beauty and the Beast

3 weeks after the non sense talk at the bar, Aphrodite admitted she had sex with her ex again. Ex called and said he still love her, invited her to sleep over and do her. Ex said he never had sex with the new girl. Ex said this and ex said that. All little Aphrodite can do is believe. I’m not sure if Aphrodite is well aware of her stupidity over someone who’s never really worth her attention anyway; or does she just love the pain and attention she gets from the ex? There’s an intervention that needs to happen in that bar.

We talked to her, and instead of consoling and encouraging her to let go, we reversed it. It may be nasty and rude but that’s the last resort. “That’s okay if you have sex with him. Anyway, I think you’re okay to be a booty call right?” I can see she was offended. Sarcastic and hurtful as it may seem, at the end of the night I think she had some realizations. Whatever it is that may happen next, I am tired. I thought, in this situation, only time can really tell.

BTW: you’re maybe wondering, Aphrodite is a very gorgeous lady (her name fits her so well) while her ex (not exaggerating) is basically unattractive, super unattractive. Beauty and the beast, as it may. Not judging a person by his looks but I thought: how dare him treat her like a trash, no one has the right, even a good looking guy to treat a woman like that. The new girl only loved him for his money and his US Visa, while Aphrodite had been with him when he was still nobody. Anyway, I’ve always believed- “Karma is a bitch” so good luck beast, I hope you’re happy with it.


  1. how dare the guy.

    i wonder if in labeling him as the beast, whether some pun was intended. :)

  2. taking advantage of one's emotions is the most obnoxious thing a person can do...sana your friend can realize what you have said.

  3. the irony of life. Tsk tsk tsk....

  4. @green breaker: the beast is simply the beast...the look and his all nothing but a beast...hehehehe

    @mr g:well hopefully matauhan na sya and ure right the beast is obnoxious

    @diamond R: tooomoooh!!!


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